Manegg Areal

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In our first edition, three artists voice different experiences rooted in communal backgrounds and other practices. They engage the sonic space to guide us through a conversation that addresses the necessity of perspective, focusing on personal narratives and experiences that often linger in the shadows of identity. This dialogue invites us to explore the fluid poetics of identity while creating a space to recognize its underlying politics.

Meloe Gennai is an interdisciplinary community-based artist working with image and writing in movement. With X collective X (IG: @_x_collective_x_, they have published two books; as well as two of their own. Meloe currently works as a dramaturge and playwright. Their latest fully accessible play, SNOB*, is based on selective mutism and autistic body language.

Legion Seven (*1993 in Brampton, CAN) based in Berlin, is an artist whose work is an erratic vehicle on a splendid path. Their projects emerge in bodies as diverse as the
imagination; consistent only in a refractive departure from the literal cult rigidity
into which Seven was born. The wreckage of this rigidity, strewn with dreammythology, science-fiction, chaos-logic and exuberant lies, drapes the path
wherewith Seven gains momentum and puts momentum on display.

authentically plastic (Uganda)
authentically plastic As a DJ, Producer & Artist from Kampala, Uganda, Authentically Plastic’s sound is necessarily political. Between 2018-2023, they ran a roving, riotous, club night called ANTI-MASS; which opened up space for femme & queer artists in Uganda’s increasingly repressive social climate.