“Talk Talk Talk” is a series of public discussions amongst individuals within the art scene that use the identification form, BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), initiated by Verein MigrArt. In an era marked by the resurgence of racism, the ascent of nationalist ideologies, stringent immigration policies, polarizing political views and looming economic uncertainty, our project takes root in the heart of these complex issues. The talk series aims to create an inclusive platform for dialogue and engagement that emphasizes the experiences of those most affected.

Recent years have laid bare the necessity of establishing diverse spaces for dialogue, including engaging with the dominant segment of society – white individuals. It is important to discuss and seek solutions despite our differing perspectives, particularly within marginalized communities. Marginalized communities still face injustice across various societal aspects despite limited legal, financial and infrastructural support. Spaces for open and constructive dialogue are very necessary right now. The arts have always played the role of not only reflecting the times, but also questioning and dissecting the times. Through this talk series, we aim to facilitate and create a conducive environment for this.


With “Talk Talk Talk” we plan to tackle a range of topics:

The Politics of Identity: Exploring our identity individually, locally and globally Understanding the visible and invisible intersections in the BIPoC Community and understanding the power dynamics of Zurich.

Navigating Interactions & Intersections: How does our internalized behavior inform our interactions? Where do our struggles intersect, and where do they disconnect? How do we care for each other within the artist community?

Trans and Queer Identity: Transgender and Queer Identity Development: An Exploratory Trans and Queer pressing issue in the level of Representation and Reception within the community. 

Forever Refugee: Examining the ongoing struggles impacting the fluidity of refugee identities.

Balancing Artistic Pursuits: Addressing the dominance of individualistic needs in a capitalist environment. How to survive as an artist without compromising your values? 

Institutional Engagement and Boundaries: How do we collaborate, cooperate and navigate corporate involvement in our practice?

Honoring M/othering Practices: Exploring their radical potential as transformational practices of communal caregiving

Preserving Wisdom, Nurturing Youth: Bridging the intergenerational gaps within BIPoC artists communities.

Money Talk: How are we managing our money? Addressing the lack of knowledge, structures and shared resources.

Exploring Spirituality, Beliefs and Religion: Understanding the role of faith and belief systems in artistic communal practices.