MO/YO is a transdisciplinary Zimbabwean and Cameroonian artist, facilitator and cultural worker based in Switzerland. She anchors her research-creation in the psychosomatic and textual explorations of symbiotic cultures of Black liberation healing & somatic justice. As a sound practitioner, she offers in her ritualized therapeutic practices, space-time suspensions that allow bodies to occupy ease & relaxation.

tracy september (CH/SA)
tracy september is a South African musician, performer, DJ and music researcher based in Zürich, Switzerland. With influences of jazz, traditional Xhosa singing and electronic experimentation, tracy works around themes of memory, spirit and protest, with a particular passion for improvisation. For tracy improvisation is a way to surrender attachment to ideas and trust the capacity of one’s intuition. It is an invitation to let go. tracy uses her voice,electronics, texts, archive materials and field recordings, to tell stories that are deeply rooted in ritual, community and communion. Ritual as a transformative tool community as the foundation for the co-creation
of existence; and communion as a means for intimate fellowship. Outside of her solo projects, she makes music for film, theatre and dance pieces. She is a member of the band Black Pitch and is also a DJ playing under her pseudonym youngseptember.