November 25th 2023 19 PM

November 26th 2023 16 PM

Sonic Solace: Healing the Hurt Canvas blends therapeutic art and sound with Kurdish and Philippine pre-colonial traditions. It offers a canvas for self-expression, guided by a carefully crafted symphony of music and soundscapes and an eight-step journey to a closing performance.

Our outreach strategy uses social media and “pasa Bilis” (Invite Fast) groups to connect with communities that share our passion for Sonic Solace: Healing the Hurt Canvas. Within this harmonious space, cultural dialogues and music from diverse backgrounds, Sonic Solace fosters a sense of unity among participants, making the journey not only enriching but uniquely transformative.

Sonic Solace allows participants to delve into their creativity and emotions, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of the sense of community. The project integrates therapeutic elements, offering a platform for emotional healing, personal growth, and community development. Through its embrace of traditions from Kurdish and Philippine pre-colonial practices, Sonic Solace enables individuals in the community to connect with their cultural heritage and rejoice in the beauty of diversity. It empowers participants to take control of their emotional well-being, nurturing a sense of belonging and community, where participants connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for art, culture, sound, and healing. 


Reya Morgado
Reya Morgado is a gender rights advocate, community development worker,
radio commentator, musical healing artist from Philippines – these are just some of the many hats that LGBTQ+ member, Reya wear to fulfill what she calls her life’s purpose. She earned her AB in Philosophy degree at Mindanao State University in 2009. Soon after graduation, she was exposed to different roles for a diverse of entities that honed her skills, work ethics and even social and political views. One highlight of her career as Youth Development Organizer, she founded KULTURA , a cultural organization wherein she provided art lessons that gave the youth from different walks of life — students, out-of-school, and LGBTQ+ — to discover their Musical peaceful art prowess and are now living in their passio.

Collective Sahmaran

Sahmaran is a collective founded by trans refugee and migrant activists from Kurdistan and Turkey currently living in Switzerland. It aims to build a solidarity network among TINFA+ people from Kurdistan and Turkey in the Swiss asylum system where current social, economic and health structures are either non-existent or difficult to access.

Rosida Koyuncu

Rosidavwas born in 1988 in Kurdistan. Because of her political and artistic commitment as a journalist, writer, producer, director and filmmaker, she was imprisoned in Turkey in 2011, 2013 and in 2014. In October 2016 she had to flee Turkey. 

She was granted political refugee status in Switzerland in 2017. She studied cinema at the art school and design  in Geneva and received her directing diploma in 2022. 

She is currently working at the University of Fribourg on the InMIND project, a participatory sociological and legal research on discrimination processes against immigrant LGBTIQ .