November 2023 – Mai 2024

Supported by Zurich POPKULTUR & Kanton Zurich Kultur

Sonic Solace is a Research project that draws inspiration from the multifaceted experiences and rich cultural heritage of the mainly BIPoC and other marginalized communities in Zürich.

At “Sonic Solace,” we understand the value of building a strong sense of community and belonging. That’s why our project offers an opportunity for individuals who experience Racism but also other kinds of discrimination  to come together and explore the intricate relationship between sound, art, and emotional well-being.

In this context we are proposing a series of Co-Creations between our Community Artists and guests from other Communities of other cities in Switzerland and internationally. With this process we don’t want to reproduce the knowledge that exists , there is a need to form in the social reality that we live in. 

The Creators meet in MigrArt Room and in a form of Residency over one week create a workshop / Gathering Concept with Participants. The form is free and the output Range is not limited. The formats could be a sound walk by the River, a sonic Meditation or an open jam session; it is completely open for the Artists to design the moment.

November 25th 2023 19 PM
November 26th 2023 16 PM
by Reya Morgado, Collective Sahmaran and Rosida Koyuncu
9.Juni 2024
By Siavash Namehshiri and Zainab Lax
10.August 2024
By tracy september & MO/YO