MigrArt in the Manegg
From May 2020 to December 2021, the MigrArt association was at Badenerstrasse in an at home in an interim use of the Raumbörse. There was a music room, a painting studio, an electrical studio and a library. Various events and projects were carried out, Events and projects were planned, for example the exhibition “Fractured Spine” in the Photobastei in Zurich.
Since January 2022 MigrArt is located on the Maneggareal at Allmendstrasse 93 and can probably stay there until the end of 2024.

MiM is a space where people meet and engage with different artistic, cultural and political processes and topics. An uncomfortable space, in which people affected by racism affected, as well as non-affected people come together to learn and unlearn. A Space that is accessible to diverse communities that do not have access to institutionalized white structures. MiM is a safer space for marginalized groups and people who have practice various anti-racist and intersectional practices.