Melih Sarıgöl studied mechanical engineering at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara METU, where he received his master’s degree on acoustics and vibration. During his university years he worked with photography, video and animation film and he was active in Karahaber, one of the first video-activist groups in Turkey. After working in this field as an engineer, He was accepted for a master study on sound engineering design at the Centre for Advanced Music Studies at Istanbul Technical University . After his graduation he has been working in various independent documentary film and video projects as sound designer. He has been attending various fesivals around Europe with his music project Fezaya Firar. Since his childhood he has also been painting. His paintings, made with different techniques he developed, have been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions: «Ortstermin», Berlin, 2018, «İstanbul’un Artığı», Artıkİşler Kollektifi, Tütün Deposu, Istanbul, 2014. Currently Sarıgöl lives and works in Berlin.

Çölistan, 2020. Watercolor, 100 cm x 30 cm
Melih Sarıgöl, Çölistan, 2020. Watercolor, 100 x 30 cm